The company "UKRZOVNISHHIMPROM" - a trading company, whose activities began in 2004 with the implementation of the supply of fertilizers to farmers and agribusinesses in Ukraine. Using the knowledge and experience of the company's management, managed to establish long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers, develop a network of warehouses for storage of fertilizers, organize imports to Ukraine chemical products.

The main activity of the company "UKRZOVNISHHIMPROM" in the fertilizer market - it is further expanding the range of products supplied agro-companies, continued cooperation with the leading producers of fertilizers, special attention spend to the supply of ammonium nitrate, urea production of Uzbekistan producers.

Since 2011, the company began to actively work in the market of industrial chemicals, in particular chemicals for building, chemical for painting, chemical for plastic, organizing direct deliveries of inorganic and organic pigments from China, Spain and other countries. Constantly expanding range of these products, the company "UKRZOVNISHHIMPROM" can offer vide range of customers’ high-quality products from leading manufacturers.

All our activities are focusing on fulfilled the growing requirements of customers in the purchase of high-quality products.

Центральный офис 01021, Украина, г. Киев, Кловский спуск,7, оф. 14 Тел. +38 044 351-2575 ( багатоканальный) e-mail:

Отдел продаж оксидов железа, пигментов, строительной химии (склад) 01013, Украина, г. Киев, ул. Промышленная, 4, оф.202-203 Тел. +38 044 284-5704, Тел. +38 097 755-0360, Тел. +38 050-397-8172 e-mail: